Camarone 34

The Camarone 34 is a motorsailer for extended cruising and spacious accommodations, designed to operate equally well under sail and diesel power.

Oysta 28

Sam has always loved this style boat.  In fact his love of the double ended Norwegian fishing troller resulted in his Oysta 28 motorsailor cruiser.  We hoped it would lead to full construction plans someday, but for now that’s on hold.

Oysta 30

This lovely boat was built here at the shop many years ago.  It found a wonderful life in British Columbia for many years with a documentary film maker and his family.  Sadly, one day while it sat at its mooring buoy, someone boarded and robbed all her valuables...

Devlin Oysta 30 Motorsailor

Oysta 42

The Oysta 42 is a true 50/50 motorsailer capable of motoring through any sea condition; with the sail-assist it's capable of doubling its useful cruising range.

Oysta 62

The Ultimate Oysta, the big'un, the Oysta 62 is an aft-pilothouse dream cruiser for long duration adventures into almost any conditions in total comfort. Being a true 50/50 motorsailor, she's also capable of remarkable economy for such a big girl - not to mention reenacting battles from the age of sail with your friends or hosting an entire family reunion above the Arctic Circle...

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