What is a true motorsailer? Hopefully the Camarone 40 is the perfect answer to that question. Sam designed the boat for two Canadian scientists who plan to travel globally over several years to study a wide variety of geographic locales. Powered half with gaff rigged sails and half with a John Deere diesel the fantailed ocean capable boat should be able to go deep into fjords where wind is erratic and the motor crucial and also cover thousands of ocean miles with the sails bringing down fuel bills and increasing the range.

This study plans package offers 4 drawings and an article describing how the design came to be and what problems this particular design solves for the clients. Here’s how the article opens:

“This month’s design is the Camarone 40 (Spanish for “shrimp”), which is neither a full-on sailboat nor a full-on powerboat. I designed her for Spencer Duncan and Eric Letham, two biologists from British Columbia, Canada, planning a several-year journey around the world. Their plan was to conduct research, and they wanted a motorsailer as their base.”

The article and Sam’s study plans available here.

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