Rowing & Paddling Plans

Have you ever rowed?  Instead of propelling ourselves with just our legs, we literally bring our backs and arms into the equation.  And we have the same wide range of possibilities that those under just leg power have – we can row at a leisurely place or at a frenzied pace for speed and a high intensity workout.  We can row from our larger boat to shore or we can do like the retired Oregon coast ship’s pilot Dale McKinnon.  She asked Sam to design her a boat for an historic solo woman rowing voyage from Ketchikan to Bellingham.  The Fairhaven Flyer design was born and she became the first woman to row solo from Alaska to Washington State. 

Have you ever paddled?  The best part of paddling is facing forward as you paddle yourself around.  Kayaks can be seen just about anywhere in the world today and Sam’s entries into the paddling experience are well worth a look.

Plans come in two basic flavors: Study Plans and Construction Plans. Study plans are inexpensive and give you the opportunity to examine  a detailed scale drawing of the design. Construction plans are vastly detailed and can lead you through the entire build of a boat. The price varies with the complexity of the design. There are boats that exist as study plans only, and the reason is that the development of a full set of construction plans can take hundreds of hours. If you see a boat that you would like to see developed, be sure to talk to Sam.

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