Devlin Oysta 30 Motorsailor under sailThis lovely boat was built here at the shop many years ago.  It found a wonderful life in British Columbia for many years with a documentary film maker and his family.  Sadly, one day while it sat at its mooring buoy, someone boarded and robbed all her valuables and then sunk the boat by flooding the bilges.  What the thief didn’t know was that it’s almost impossible to sink a Devlin Boat.  It was found semi-submerged, bailed out and brought to shore where it was cleaned up and rebuilt.  Full plans never materialized, however the Oysta 30 inspired Sam’s 29 foot Rover designs, all four versions of which are available in our powerboat study plans section.  These aren’t motorsailors.  However, they share the double ended hull and the North Sea Troller vision.

The Oysta 30 is available as downloadable study plans.

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