Work Boat Plans

These serve as pick-up trucks on the water. For transporting gear, beach camping, stocking your island retreat for a vacation, or for everyday use for a particular activity. For example, the Dunlin 22 Pilothouse was custom designed for a man who was studying water quality on the Columbia River in Oregon and its tributaries. He needed a shallow draft boat to take water samples from near shore waters and he needed a large cockpit to make it happen easily. Another example of a work boat is the Mud Dauber 23 that can take a motorbike or ATV to your favorite exploring grounds from a beach landing. All fishing boats are workboats and you can find all of that specialty under our FISHING BOATS section. Meanwhile, whether you’re a Dodge Ram, Ford Trucks, Chevy or Toyota fan you will find a favorite work boat somewhere among these choices, and if you can’t – you know the drill – contact Sam and together you’ll create your perfect workboat.

Plans come in two basic flavors: Study Plans and Construction Plans. Study plans are inexpensive and give you the opportunity to examine  a detailed scale drawing of the design. Construction plans are vastly detailed and can lead you through the entire build of a boat. The price varies with the complexity of the design. There are boats that exist as study plans only, and the reason is that the development of a full set of construction plans can take hundreds of hours. If you see a boat that you would like to see developed, be sure to talk to Sam.

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