If you need some help in “filling in the gaps” on building your own boat from Sam’s plans, we’ve put together some resources to do just that.

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Sam’s Wholesale Buying Clubs

Help to resource the materials that you will need for your project — plywood, lumber, epoxy, boatbuilding supplies, fiberglass cloth and more.

The Building of Freedom

One of our customers put together this PDF booklet, with lots of photos and fairly detailed instructions on his build of a Polliwog 8.

 Stitch-And-Glue Construction Booklet Download – $1

This 80 page booklet is our generic building booklet featuring the homebuild of a Candlefish 16.  It includes photos and drawings detailing the build process.  Very helpful for any build you choose.

The Original Stitch – and – Glue Book by Sam Devlin

28 Chapters, 119 Pages, a helpful topic index.  Includes several Devlin Designs Drawings and excellent boatbuilding instructions.

Wooden Boat Building With Sam Devlin, the DVD

You can watch this video for free right on this page below.  Or, if you want to own the DVD so you can pause it at will or replay segments for instructional purposes over and over or have it for your collection we have just a dozen or so left to purchase!


Wooden boat building with Sam Devlin

In this video, Sam shares his knowledge of boat building to help you more easily fulfill your dreams of becoming a wooden boat builder.

Lee Sandifur’s Devlin Egret

Lee at the 2013 Wooden Boat Show, discussing some of things he’s done to make his Egret hold up to the Puget Sound weather.

Surf Scoter 22

Time lapse video of building wood-fiberglass composite boat.

Buyer’s Club Links

  • Edensaw, Port Townsend, WA, for marine plywood and all other types of wood 
  • Fisheries Supply, Seattle, WA for epoxy, fiberglass, other building supplies, hardware, boat supplies 
  • Jamestown Distributors, Bristol, Rhode Island, for epoxy, fiberglass, hardware, other building supplies, boat supplies

Links of Interest

  • – a source of information and guide for stitch and glue boat construction
  • West Marine, stores located nationwide, for boat gear and supplies for some smaller building projects 

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