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We know wood. In fact, we’re pretty picky about it. We’ve been using wood in the marine environment for well over thirty years, with great results, for good reasons. In the era of aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber, it may seem a bold claim, but here it is:

Modern wooden boats are the best.

A beautiful, sturdy and satisfying material

Wood has better resistance to the exact kind of stress that boats receive in the water – constant direct pressure from the water on the hull. Wood with epoxy retains more of its strength against repeated pressure than fiberglass or aluminum.

Wood has better thermal characteristics. This reduces condensation on the interior of the boat in colder water conditions. Less condensation equals more comfort.

Wood is acoustically superior, far less likely to transmit noise through the boat than other materials and never creates a tin can effect. There is a reason good speakers use wood for their housings. The vibrations don’t transmit to create secondary noise. A quiet boat is also a more comfortable boat.

Galvanic effect occurs when certain different materials come in contact with each other, such as steel and aluminum. One causes the other to corrode. Wood simply avoids this problem altogether.

With its warm and natural beauty, wood brings a superior visual and aesthetic experience to your boat. This is a subjective effect, of course, but for most of us, the picture of a boat in our mind involves the visceral appeal of wood. The feeling of being surrounded by exquisitely crafted wood contributes greatly to the experience of boating and the joy of owning a Devlin boat.

And finally, Devlin’s wooden boats bring the cost of long term maintenance down to the level of a fiberglass boat. With our wood coated in epoxy, your boat will maintain its extraordinary characteristics for decades. Further, if something does happen, a Devlin wooden boat can always be refurbished to look and perform like it’s brand new.


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