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Sailboats are well represented in the Devlin family.  Sam’s son Cooper owns a 17 foot Eider.  His son MacKenzie sails a 15 foot Nancy’s China having sold his 12 foot Mudpeep  which was built by our master builder Joel.  Lee, our office manager, has the 15 foot Egret he built at the shop and he also has a 22 foot Arctic Jaeger schooner which he bought after Cooper found it for him on Craig’s list.  Sam built the Red Schooner in 1981.  And yes, Sam and Soitza Devlin own an about to be launched Marsh Wren 20.  Its new sails just arrived last week.

What does this mean for you?  Could you be in better hands for realizing your dream sailboat?  From 8 feet to 28 feet, from day sailer to blue water cruiser, we have a wonderful selection of sailboat construction plans for you. 

Plans come in two basic flavors: Study Plans and Construction Plans. Study plans are inexpensive and give you the opportunity to examine  a detailed scale drawing of the design. Construction plans are vastly detailed and can lead you through the entire build of a boat. The price varies with the complexity of the design. There are boats that exist as study plans only, and the reason is that the development of a full set of construction plans can take hundreds of hours. If you see a boat that you would like to see developed, be sure to talk to Sam.

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