The Devlin Design Process

“The boat design process is one of the most creative things I know. It’s what drives my spirit and my day to day endeavors. It’s a rare day that I’m not thinking of something new and different.” – Sam Devlin

Once you begin your conversation with Sam, he will learn what you want from a design. It could be one of the existing designs in the catalog, or something entirely new, or a variation on a theme. Custom means custom. From here, Sam can estimate what it will take to generate a full set of construction plans for your vision of the perfect boat.

From there, preliminary designs involve Sam’s artistic interpretation of your boat. This is the genesis of the classic Devlin “look and feel”. Once he is happy with the sketches, he turns to the precision of CAD design to create the scale drawing of your design.

The end of this stage sees you working with Sam to make sure that his interpretation is following your vision. Once you are in agreement with the direction of the design, the process gets technical.

Whether you intend to build it yourself or have your design built by Devlin’s crack team of craftsmen, Sam develops the plans through to the appropriate level of detail to build the boat, making adjustments for your feedback and level of experience.

Building a Boat You Can Enjoy

If you decide to build it yourself, everyone you will reach at Devlin is an experienced boat builder and can support you through the entire process. If you get in over your head, in lack of time or skill, Sam’s team can finish your boat for you.

All in, the Devlin design process is among the most flexible and experienced you can find anywhere in the world.

Our Designs

Building a boat, turning pieces of wood into a functional, artistic and elegant shape — be it dinghy, sailboat, fishing boat, troller, cruiser, or anything in between — is wonderfully rewarding.  Check out our Design Gallery for a design worthy of your craftsmanship. 

And if you’re new to boat building, we’ve got resources to help you get started.

How can we help you build a boat?


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