All in, the Devlin design process is among the most flexible and experienced you can find anywhere in the world.

What is a Devlin Boat?

It’s the creation of boat lover Sam Devlin.  He drew boats as a kid getting through Sunday services at his parents church and never stopped.  Devlin Boat is 42 years young and incorporates a firsthand appreciation of Northwest work boats from his experience as a college student working summers in Alaska on fishing boats and tugs to his own personal and many years long restoration of his 1934 Northwest fishing boat “Josephine”.  From this background come Devlin Boat’s offerings.

  1. Custom designs for professional boat builders and boat building companies.
  2. Custom designs and builds of “stitch and Glue” marine plywood boats for individual boat lovers.
  3. Dozens of stock designs for the homebuilder.
  4. “Concept drawings” and study plans in the hundreds to engage the dreamer in us all.
  5. Devlin Boat also has access to CNC computer Cut Kits for its stock designs which can make a project easier and more accurate.

Devlin Boat has built over its tenure over 450 boats in its 42 years of being in business from 7 foot dinghies to 65 foot passenger ferries.

What does hiring Sam Devlin to create a design for your boat building business require?

Sam is always busy at any one time with many design projects that are meant for professional building by established boatbuilding companies.  Stitch and Glue construction is a very appropriate medium for custom boatbuilding as there are no molds or jigs necessary to build the boat.  All the parts used in the construction and set up for building stay in the boat and stay as integral parts in the project.  The flexibility of a small yard to build a broad variety of designs and types without all the tooling and expense of that tooling of a more conventional mass production fiberglass type is not insignificant.  This has allowed Devlin Boat to exist all its 42 years and can work for your company in the same way.  Sam is happy to talk to you about designing a boat for your own markets. All that is needed is the first email or phone call that starts the ball rolling. 

What is a “stitch and glue” plywood boat?

Stitch and Glue is a method of boatbuilding using marine plywood and epoxy resins to literally weld the boat structure together.  All components in the boat serve a structural function as well as a definition of architectural space. Large panels of Marine Plywood are Stitched together to hold them in the proper relationship till the epoxy/glass or polyester cloths can weld the panels together.  Stitch and Glue as a building method is suitable for anything from the rank beginner to the most experienced shipwright and the results of the method make for a safe and easy to maintain boat. 

If you hire Sam to design a boat for your personal pleasure craft to be built by yourself or your chosen boatbuilder what does that entail?

We start with a preliminary design for the concept as an integral exercise to reach into your mind and translate your dreams onto paper or screen.  Once the preliminary design is approved you have the option to hire Sam to complete the design which is typically done in three sections.  First are the hull lines and hydrostatics of the design.  Next comes the panels and bulkheads of the design all projected from Computer programs and finally the sheets of drawings are drawn to scale for the design.  When the design is finished you then can either build yourself or hire Sam and his crew to build Custom for you.  Devlin Boat has the reputation for building some of the finest boats around and they have perfected the craft of Stitch and Glue boatbuilding to a high art. 

What’s involved when you hire Sam Devlin to design and build your perfect boat?

Sam can take your dreams and translate them into an incredible boat. One of the goals Devlin Boat has when hired to design and build is that the owners of the boat feel that they were as much a part of the creation this boat as Sam and Crew.  When this happens it can be and is pure magic, where else in life can you dream up your fantasy and have someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Devlin Boat help make that happen. 

What do “complete building plans” include?

These will be the Complete plans for the boat, plan and side views, lines, panel projections, bulkheads, longitudinals, typical mid-section, deck framing and construction sheets, cabin framing and construction sheets and many other details.  Our 22ft Surf Scoter has 15 sheets to its construction set and these are printed on 24″X36″ paper for you (if you order paper plans) or are available as PDF format direct downloads, which you can use to either build the boat from or you can print out yourself the 24″X36” sheets. It takes many hundreds of hours to produce one of these stock plan sets and we try to price them as affordably as we can.  We also have buying clubs that you get access to with the full construction plans sets that allow you to buy marine plywood, dimensional wood, paint, epoxy, and all the other hardware and materials necessary to build your boat at a wholesale pricing level. 

What does a study plan include? What is a “concept drawing”?

A Study Plan is simple a sheet or two of the actual design, it typically consists of a plan or top view and a side view of the boat, and if it is one of our stock plans there will be a materials list that can help you in estimating the materials that would be necessary to build the basic hull.  A Concept drawing is a drawing of a design that there are no full working plans generated currently.  These designs are typically done as preliminary designs in the Custom Design side of the business and can be a nice study for different ideas or concepts.  We sell them very inexpensive so you can look at many of them without racking up a big expense.  They are meant to stimulate thought and perhaps even stimulate you to action as any of these might be made into full plans should you desire to hire Sam to do that job. 

Can I visit the shop to see a build in progress?

Yes, we prefer to do shop tours on Fridays by appointment that way we keep our attention on our projects the other work days of the week.  But if you can’t make a Friday appointment time please give Sam a call and he can set up another time that works for you. 

Artfully Designed and Crafted Boats since 1978

Shop tours on Fridays by appointment

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