Stitch and Glue

The Devlin “Stitch and Glue” method is a superior way to build a wooden boat. It has been developed and refined here at Devlin Designing Boat Builders for almost 40 years, and has been adopted by other segments of the wooden boat industry. No one uses it over a broader range of design and application than Devlin, and no one delves as deeply into its primary benefits.

  • A stronger, better one-piece boat
  • Simpler construction with fewer parts
  • Faster construction for anyone
  • Requires no expensive building molds
  • Most importantly, it results in a boat that much easier to maintain over the long term

The Method

The Stitch and Glue method uses wire sutures to hold panels together until they can be joined permanently with epoxy and fiberglass tape. The outside of the hull is completely coated with fiberglass or Dynel cloth sheathing. All exposed wood is coated with epoxy to encapsulate the boat from sun and sea to retain the excellent characteristics of wooden boats without the drawbacks of traditional building methods. Finally, the boat can be finished with high quality marine paint to finish the whole project in a mirror sheen.

For small boats, the Stitch and Glue method can be built on a pair of sawhorses in one bay of a household garage. For larger boats, the construction mold is designed into the actual boat. The parts that ensure you build a straight and fair boat are the same parts that become permanent elements of the unified structure, yielding an exceptionally strong and long lasting result.

For you woodworking folks, every set of construction plans includes a step-by-step building guide, a materials list, a source list, and even a list of the tools necessary to complete the project. This tool list is far shorter than one for other wooden boat building methods.

The Devlin Stitch and Glue method affords the best of all worlds, no matter the boat or the builder.

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