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‘Custom’ is a word that gets thrown around wildly and pasted on everything. Does that bumper sticker on your car make it custom?

Sam Devlin takes the word seriously – maybe too seriously. Every Devlin built boat starts with precision and ends with meticulous hand crafting and top-grade finishing. If you want your Devlin boat to be built a certain way, odds are good that he’s already considered that option. If you wanted to paint it the bright chartreuse of a massive fishing lure… Well, he’ll probably cringe and try to talk you out of it.

Getting Started

The first step from here on the site is to settle on a design or designs. All that means is that you have your own unique vision of the way you want to experience a boat of your own. Think of it as the starting point for a true custom build. Sam’s forty years, thousands of miles, and family of experts in the world of boating are all there to help you realize that dream.

We’re working on dividing the design catalog into motor, sail, and human powered designs, although these categories aren’t always absolute. Be aware that the design catalog contains a great many crossover designs. Some boats can operate efficiently in all three modes of propulsion. Sam likes to push the boundaries and explore the hidden synergies of boat design. For now, the designs are split into overall lengths.

Step two, once you find a design or three, is to talk to Sam. This is the true beginning of Sam’s design process for your boat. He’ll listen to what you want out of your waterborne life and guide you to the best solution for your new Devlin boat. Whatever the answer, your boat will be intimately custom, one of a kind, and prepared for many years of navigation on your home waters.

Our Designs

Explore Sam Devlin’s four decade epic of artful boat design.

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