This boat is designed to be the ultimate in a pocket yacht with a tidy 176 sq. ft. sail plan. The Bermuda rigs mast steps on the cabin top and is easy to raise and lower. Winter Wren II has been designed from the ground up for trailering. Her hull has 685 lbs. of internal ballast and she sails stiff and stable. A very efficient dagger-board configuration is used for the lateral plane and Winter Wren II draws only 1’1″ of water when retracted and 3’6″ when extended. The dagger board trunk is in the cabin forming the edge of the galley. With the board raised, Winter Wren II is beachable and sits low on her trailer. With the dagger board down, Winter Wren II is a fast and responsive sailer. Her helm is very nearly neutral and the lightest of touch is required for instant response. She will easily sail through 90 degree tacks to windward, and off the wind, the Bermuda rig provides excellent performance.

A large and comfortable cockpit that is separated from the cabin by a bridge-deck will accommodate four adults in comfort. Both cockpit seats are 66″ long so that on nice nights you can sleep out under the stars.

We have designed a highly efficient, trailerable boat from the base of our popular Winter Wren and offer this new version as an option to the sailor who needs to keep his cruiser at home when not out voyaging.

— Sam Devlin

The Winter Wren II is available in study and full construction plans.


Winter Wren II Specifications

Length18 ft. – 8 in. on deck 22 ft. – 7 in. Overall
Beam7 ft. – 1 in.
Draft3 ft. – 6 in. Dagger Board Down
PowerOutboard 2hp – 4hp
Displacement1800 lbs.
Sail Area176 sq. ft.
Max Load1250 lbs.

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