Onyx 28

The Onyx 28 is a capable sailing vessel for longer cruises and variable conditions. She incorporates a simpler overall design with a more elaborate hull form and the kind of interior cabin that will take you on new journeys in comfort.

Oysta 52

The Oysta 52 is the second largest of the Oysta lineup to date, a trawler style long distance cruiser capable of taking the entire Brady Bunch comfortably into the far corners of the world.

Oysta 62

The Ultimate Oysta, the big'un, the Oysta 62 is an aft-pilothouse dream cruiser for long duration adventures into almost any conditions in total comfort. Being a true 50/50 motorsailor, she's also capable of remarkable economy for such a big girl - not to mention reenacting battles from the age of sail with your friends or hosting an entire family reunion above the Arctic Circle...

Scarlet Macaw 33

With over 500hp of diesel power under the throttles, the Scarlet Macaw 33 is the boating equivalent of a 7 series Beemer. Big, fast, agile, comfortable, and polished.

Sea Bug 20

The Sea Bug is a more compact version of the Sea Chaser, an inboard fisher with enough cabin to live comfortably on fishing trips.

Shearwater 38

The Shearwater 38 is a concept design waiting for a reason for being. Not for lack of purpose... After all, this is the result of what happens when two crusty boat guys start talking. It may be just the solution to your dreams of long range cruising.

Sockeye 62

The Sockeye 62 is the ultimate expression of Devlin style cruising yachts, his self proclaimed deck from which to pitch at the end of the battle of life. The room for luxury, the range for crossings, and the ruggedness for a safe passage. All she needs is a couple of cannons to complete Sam's journey to Valhalla.

Sooty Tern 25

The Sooty Tern 25 is a graceful extension of the Arctic Tern sailboat with a Gaff Rig and a few more creature comforts for extended cruising.

Surf Scoter 26

The largest of the Surf Scoter series, the 26 foot version offers a bundle of smart features for comfortable cruising. The Surf Scoter 26 is available in stern drive and outboard motor versions.

Tugzilla 26

The Tugzilla 26 is a larger and stronger version of the smaller boats in Devlins tug series, but still maintains the ability to operate in much tighter conditions than a traditional tug. She is also much less expensive to operate and maintain. A good expression of tugboat dreams in a practical vessel.

TugZilla 26 Is Launched in Olympia!

Devlin Boat's towing fleet started with a Godzilli 16 and then a Godzilla 22 followed by a Godzilla 25 and now the TugZilla 26. To celebrate the launch of TugZilla we are offering all our downloadable Tug Construction Plans at 30% off!!!

Whimbrel 32

The Whimbrel 32 is a custom commissioned schooner, built for extended and graceful cruising on the waters of the Northwest.

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