The Rover 29 is a diesel powered, double ended, full displacement sturdy and seaworthy cruiser inspired by the little fishing trollers of Norway that have plied the sometimes brutal weather of the North Sea with much success for a couple of hundred years.  This is a boat for the captain who savors the journey over the destination.

The troller flavor of the design is for the fisherman and minimalist boater, the two halibut versions are for the those that love the aft pilothouse with a cockpit in front and a separate cabin forward, and the cruiser version gives those that long for the amenities of a full girth saloon and forward pilothouse and a generous well appointed interior.

All versions are beauties as you can see from our study plans.

Rover 29 Troller Specifications

Length 28 ft. – 11 in.
Beam 10 ft. – 2 in.
Draft 3 ft – 7 1/2 in.
Displacement 9,800 lbs.
Power Diesel inboard 110hp.

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