Wooden Boatbuilding with Sam Devlin, Video


This is the video seen on You Tube in which Sam Devlin takes you step by step through the build of his Polliwog Dinghy design:  The DVD to own for Stitch-and-Glue boatbuilding made easy.  Free shipping in the US only.



With over 1 million views on You Tube this video of Sam building the Polliwog Dinghy in viewed by many as the best learning tool for stitch-and-glue instruction. ” I can’t describe how much I enjoyed to watch this video! It was educational, inspiring, exciting….and he explained things in an easy way to understand. My respect to this boat building man!”   One of the many wonderful comments from a You Tube viewer.  For the DIY boatbuilder or the novice who has never built even a birdhouse this video may inspire you to build your first boat. We offer it to view for free on our website and we offer this DVD for those who want the advantage of  having their own video to watch, pause, and replay for learning purposes.

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