Tyee 33


The study plans include 4 drawings and Sam’s writing that will explain the word sternbidextrous and how he awakened in the middle of the night to realize he was undeniably drawn to the double-ended boat above all other hull types. You will receive a profile drawing and 3 pages of interior arrangements. and Sam’s written musings on the double-ended boat.


The Tyee 33 design is inspired by the Pacific Northwest fishing trollers that have proven themselves to be among the most seaworthy boats in existence. Reshaped a bit to transform the troller from a fishing purpose to a couple’s cruising boat that retains the most appealing features of the troller design. We offer study plans to springboard your cruising dream boat vision. The main feature is the double-ended hull design that so many of we boaters have come to love. This isn’t a boat for those in a hurry. It’s for those who want to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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