Dynamo Too 45 Study Plans


Dynamo Too 45 study plans include 4 pages showing both a motorsailer and powerboat version of this ocean going cruiser, inspired by the designs of the late Bill Garden

Dynamo Too 45 Information


Sam has always admired the boat designs of the late Bill Garden. Several years ago a customer wanted Sam to do his version of Bill Garden’s 38 footer Dynamo (which became the wooden boat named Kintore). The design reached the stage of study plans and then life took the customer a different direction. The seed had been planted and it brings us to Sam’s newest study plan – the Dynamo Too 45, a stretched version that beckons us to go to sea once more. The 4 pages of study plans include two flavors, powerboat and motorsailer. The motorsailer version could take a family of 4 or 5 or 6 around the world!


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