With the Owl, you get a boat that properly combines history with modern design and technology.

‘Owl’ was built (or more properly modified) by the noted Yacht Designer ‘Bill Garden’ and he sold her to my youngest son, Mackenzie, in the year of 2000. Bill had been working on her for many years (I remember seeing her for at least 8 years prior to purchase at Bill’s island, “Toads Landing”) and was building her as a sort of ‘kids’ daysailer. Knowing Bill in the later years of his life it seemed he was chasing his own mortality by thinking and dreaming about boats very much like a kid himself, in other words she was being built for Bill and Janie (his keeper) as a neat little daysailer, being repurposed from an old 19ft. lifeboat of nice lines and shape that was originally built in 1952.

After years as a daysailer, Mackenzie had outgrown her and she was modified again by the team at Devlin boats to incorporate modern diesel inboard power and enough cabin to shelter the skipper from the Northwest elements. The end result is a lovely, seaworthy boat with a long history of nautical uses. If you like to take to the waters with a boat laden with the tradition of quality boatbuilding, the Owl is your girl.

She is redesigned by Sam Devlin, rebuilt by the artists at Devlin Boats and ready to take you on your own adventures. Her asking price is $49,900. Contact Sam for more information or to arrange a showing of this remarkable resurrection.

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