The Snow Goose 16 (one in the Cackler series of duck boats) can be used as a proper and concealable hunting boat but also excels in other categories of use. Little things like being a great platform for the Spring trout opener on the local lakes, a proper water-ski boat for my young sons, a little beach/log salvage work on the salt-waters of Puget Sound, and many other uses. If there were a best all around boat Oscar category, then the Cackler-type boats (like Snow Goose 16) would be nominated year after year

What could be better for versatility? How about adding a removeable pilothouse. Done!  That new feature is now available with the just expanded and updated and dual measurement (metric/imperial units) Snow Goose plans!




Study and Construction Plans here.

More Information here.

Visit Kris Washington’s WagoOne Snow Goose heading out to for a day of fishing here.  On his Youtube channel you’ll find several more videos he took including one with the whole family aboard.

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