In this new version of our old favorite, Nancy’s China goes topless, and if you take a closer look at the rudder you will see her auxiliary power plant. We have added an electric motor. The motor is a 43 pound thrust electric, powered by two 8D deep-cycle 12 volt DC batteries. With three forward and three reverse speeds available, Nancy’s China DC cruises at 4 knots for approximately 14 hours. There is a built-in 20 amp battery charger that will completely recharge the batteries. Just hook it up to household current at home, or on the dock, and you are ready to go again. The batteries at 143 lbs. each also serve as ballast.

She is equipped with an amp-hour meter to measure battery draw, as well as a 50″ x 15″ solar panel to keep the batteries topped off when the boat is on a mooring.

The sailing performance is still great with the 124 square feet of sail area set on a fractional sloop rig. If you are looking for a little more performance off the wind, an optional removable carbon fiber bowsprit is available to set a 160 square foot asymmetrical spinnaker. Performance and ease of use have always been the hallmark of the Nancy’s China and with the additions to the DC we have only improved a wonderful boat. — Sam Devlin

The Nancy’s China DC is available in study and construction plans.



Nancy’s China DC Specifications

Length 15 ft. – 2 in.
Beam 6 ft. – 2 in.
Draft Dagger board Up/Down 10 in. / 2 ft. – 9 in.
Power Sail, 12v electric, or 2hp outboard
Sail Area 124 sq. ft. Bermuda Rig
Max Load 850 lbs.
Ballast 285 lbs.

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