The whole concept of the Mud Dauber 23 is wrapped around the goal for her to be the quintessential beach boat. It’s the boating equivalent of carrying a good knife, a Leatherman, and a whole box of good tools. The Mud Dauber can take you to wild remote beaches and can haul the gear and supplies necessary to keep you well occupied with these voyages. She is high sided with a bow platform that has removable boards that can be configured to build a bow ramp and you can beach her and unload without hurting your back. Even a tractor or small sawmill could be carried and unloaded if that is something you might want to do.

The Mud Dauber would work very well with something like a 90-115 h.p. outboard or perhaps even better with a pair of 60-70 h.p. outboards that would provide you with redundant power and allow turning and control in tight spots that would not be possible with a single engine. She is very beachable with twin bilge keels and a very prominent centerline keel with sacrificial UHMW plastic shoes on the bottom to keep her protected from beaching strains. There is also generous below deck stowage for gear that needs to stay dry and kept onboard accessible with flush deck hatches. Both of her deck areas are self-bailing and any water that comes onboard runs back off quickly.


Like all Devlin boats, she is constructed strongly, capable of doing hard work for many years. If you see a need for a boat that can “project power” into any remote spot with a beach, then the Mud Dauber 23 is calling your name.*

*Webmaster note: This thing is calling my name and I have literally no possible use for it.

The Mud Dauber 23 is available in study and full construction plans.



Mud Dauber 23 Specifications

Length 23 ft. – 1.5 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 7 in.
Draft 1 ft. – 0 in.
Power Outboard
Displacement 4000 lbs.
Hull Type Planing

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