Like her little sisters, the Little Cod 21, the Lingcod 24, and the Lingcod 27, the Lingcod 29 is a Garvey type boat (bow transom, Vee bottomed).

We’ve had some fun with this one.  What a great length for a houseboat!  We’re providing this concept drawing hoping someone will be excited enough imagining with it to commission Sam to complete full construction plans for this very swift and sleek houseboat.

A side note from someone who lived in houseboats for a year of his life.  He said a hull with some v on the bottom and curves up to the bow transom create a much gentler motion for sleeping if you’re in an area where the waters aren’t calm all the time.  He had spent a lot of time living on a flat bottomed houseboat and felt a boat like the Lingcod 29 would be a wonderful solution not just to faster travel, but also for that gentle rock yourself to sleep motion this type of hull allows.

The Lingcod 29 Houseboat is available as study plans.

Lingcod 29 Houseboat Specifications

Length 29 ft. – 8 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 8 in.
Draft 1 ft. – 4 in.
Power Outboard
Displacement 6200 lbs.
Hull Type Planing

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