The main feature and advantage of the Linach 15 is the transportation and storing ease of a two part boat.

The Linach 15 is featured in WoodenBoat magazine’s May/June 2022 edition and was designed in collaboration with a client in Utah, who wanted a large two piece “nesting” rowing, sailing, and fishing dinghy for Utah’s mountain lakes.  The design goal was to create the largest possible dinghy that could easily be transported inside any large SUV, minivan, or pickup truck capable of carrying a standard 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood, with each hull section therefore being slightly less than 8’ long.  The nesting concept offered several advantages.  The client wouldn’t need to buy a large trailer to transport the boat, long road trips to various lakes in other states would be simplified, and parking is much easier without having to tow a long trailer.  In addition, the two parts of the dinghy would easily store against the inside walls of his garage during the winter season.  The dinghy would have to row and sail well, carry at least two adults and two children, and be relatively simple and fast to build while still having an attractive hull shape.  With a small electric or gasoline outboard motor it will also be quite suitable for a pleasant day’s fishing on a local lake.  No other designs on the market met the client’s requirements–either they were too beamy to fit inside his vehicle, or they lacked the length and passenger carrying capability he needed.  A final design criteria was that the dinghy needed to be safe to operate in cold water, with large built-in buoyancy tanks and additional removable foam floatation panels.

We offer study plans for this design and present them in a new format for us. The study plans consist of 8 pages that may be printed out on letter size paper and include several photos and detailed text with sample pages from the full construction plans.

Full construction plans will be available in the near future. We’ll let you know on the home page as soon as they are ready.


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