The Honker House Boat 20 is a crossbreed! She has a Millie Hill 20 shanty boat interior placed into Honker 18 utility pram hull that has been lengthened and widened. The best of both worlds!

Length: 20 feet 1 inch       Draft: 12.5″      Trailering weight: 2,100 lbs.

Beam: 8′ 6″                      Displacement: 2,982 lbs.

Sam had a request from a man in Michigan for a small and very affordable boat he and his wife could use to cruise the Great Loop focusing on the segments that appealed to them. Sam remembered how the Honker 18 utility pram had served as a shop skiff, exploration and photo shoot boat, fishing platform and even duck hunting boat. Plenty of room  aboard for him, his two sons, and the family dog to set off on great adventures. The Honker provided a very stable and safe platform on the water. Hmmm! The Millie Hill is a great Shanty Boat, but not so great for scooting around because of her barge like hull.

This new cross breed allows getting on the water in a towable small boat with the interior of a much larger boat. A real savings in transportation and maintenance! She boasts 6 foot 3 inch headroom, a proper galley, enclosed head, dinette/double berth and a settee across for naps and an occasional guest. A 60 HP high thrust outboard for displacement speeds and economy or 115 HP for  boogying down the waterway at 20 knots.

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