What I can say definitively about the Gannet 25 is that she is totally done around the theme of having outboard power and the customer is musing about using either twin 90 or 125 horsepower outboards for the power package which should result respectively in speeds in the mid-30s and 40 knots at the top end of the power spectrum. That would give him a boat that can dash about the waterways with great control and be capable of breathtaking sprints across the waterways that would thrill even the teenagers in the family. Of course she will still be able to be slowed down to something more appropriate for a mellower middle aged crew if needed, but even I can remember days of taking my two teenage boys out tubing and wake boarding for the afternoon and all of us having a great time.Devlin Gannet 25 power cruiser


This can all be done with the Gannet 25 design by having seating for a crowd when needed but I can easily picture myself on a clean and warm summer day carving long sweeping turns on a calm lake doing nothing but appreciating the moment in time and space. And that my friends is worth plenty in this busy and hectic role that we all play in a thing called ‘life’. My hat is off to the inspiration of the Gannet 25 and to the people that might realize her construction and ultimately experience her moving through the water with such ease and grace. Then add the capability of setting the hook in some secluded and private cove, bedding down in the evening for a fine sleep and then setting out the next day for more fun. At the end of our cruise, place her on the trailer, take her home for a cleaning and then patiently wait for our next adventure. — Sam Devlin

Devlin Gannet 25 power cruiser

The Gannet 25 is available in study and full construction plans.



Gannet 25 Specifications

Length 24 ft. – 9 in.
Beam 8 ft. – 6 in.
Draft 11 in.
Power Twin outboard 90-125hp
Displacement 4350 lbs.
Hull Type Planing


Devlin Gannet 25 power cruiser

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