Ed and Eileen Pauley had a dream. In the words of Eileen  “Every boat has a mission. And you need to pick the right boat for how you want to travel. And for us, if we’re going to live on it, it’s going to do what we want it to do and be comfortable.” And as Ed points out regarding the propulsion system, “What do we have to do to start? No warm up…We just go.”

Want to see a small, off-grid, self-sufficient waterfront home that can take you thousands of miles? Solar Electric Power Cruiser’s are here and now!  Ed had the vision and knowledge to create a propulsion system. Eileen had the skills to get it down on paper and give Ed important feedback. They both had extensive traveling experience in an Airstream trailer. How could they translate all that into a solar electric propulsion cruiser to explore the endless beauty of the Northwest waters from Puget Sound to Alaska?

In Eileen’s words, “I don’t see how we could have done this with anybody other than Sam.”  Thank you Eileen and Ed for giving us this opportunity to help you realize your dream.

Study Plans Are Now Available Here.

That dream is on display for you now in Off Center Harbor’s just released video of Electric Philosophy.

And thank you Off Center Harbor for such a beautiful video that’s available in it’s full length for all visitors to devlinboat.com to see.

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