This drawing was done a couple of years ago for  an article in Soundings Magazine  and I have had repeated requests for stock plans for her. Working up a set of stock plans is a many hundreds of hours project and I stay pretty busy in my normal working life of running a boatbuilding shop and custom designing for customers. But I am inclined to try to bring this design to life and offer this as an idea of how I might move forward with this project and complete the plans.

I would like to propose a way to crowd fund this project. You could help me in this effort by buying an advance payment set of plans for her. Each set of plans will be printed from our offices and mailed to you when the plan set is done, and each page will be autographed by myself. Your name will be listed on a permanent basis on the presentation sheet of the design and credits to your participation will be posted to our website.

The advance plans price will be $425 dollars for each of these positions and we will sell these positions from now until I finish the plans set (approximately 3 months). All that participate in this Crowd funding program will have their names entered into a blind drawing from which one name will be selected and I will hand carve a half model of the design that will be presented to them. We would like to post up your picture on our website with the half model in celebration of seeing this design come to life and my hope is that you will join us in this project. Please call Lee or myself at 360-866-0164 to transfer cc information and join us on this voyage.

Meanwhile everyone may order free downloadable study plans for the MugWump 21!!!

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