Download Issues Demystified!

Your plans purchase gives you a download limit of 2 attempts within a 7 day time period. 

Downloads work best from home where you have great download speeds and a solid internet connection or any area where you know you have a strong signal.

The biggest download failure issue stems from people using their iPhone, Android, iPad or laptops when they aren’t in an area with good reception.  A download can take forever if the download time gets extended by slow download times or cut off by poor reception.  When the plans don’t come through it’s natural to click again thinking something went wrong.  And then on your 3rd attempt you’ve exceeded the download limit of 2.

There are 3 different locations for your download attempts.

1.  At the time of purchase on your order received page there’s a large blue download box you can click on and the plans go right into your computer download file (see below)

2.  You’ll receive a download link with your email confirmation. Under the download box click on Dipper 19 Study Plans (or whatever download you have ordered):  (see below)

3.  If you’re logged into our website you can go to “My Account”. Click on “recent orders”   

Next click on “view” (see below)

Your order will appear and you just click on the large blue box with the product you ordered listed in it. (see below)

As always, if you run into issues with your order, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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