A design that started life as an mid-winter Sunday afternoon’s romp thru the waters of my mind, with the intention of serving as a dream platform to replace my venerable 83 year old salmon troller “Josephine”. My experience of living and cruising with Josephine over many years has been enlightening as to just what is necessary and what is not necessary in a simple motor cruiser. Limiting the bending and gymnastics of living with an old work boat are high on that list (on Josephine one can only go forward by turning around facing backwards and going down a steep ladder into her deep focsle, not exactly what one does good either while in a hurry or early in the morning without some stretches to limber up). Good sleeping area forward with lots of bed space (approximating the home bedding as much as can happen on a boat). Privacy head areas forward and well away from guests when entertaining inside the main cabin on a cool evening. Engine room accessible and spacious with plenty of light, space and organized for tools etc. Access in this case is thru the cabin sole of the pilothouse thru large floor hatches.

Moving up in the main cabin, a helm seat that can seat two if necessary or one with many options of position, dinette area that can seat a proper crowd of friends and guests, and galley up with all the nice qualities of being able to stand at the sink or cooking and seeing out into the great landscape.

A partial covered cockpit (I would now cover the whole thing) and U-shaped seating around the stern of the boat and twin boarding doors port and starboard to get onto her. For my money and pleasure I would opt for the flying bridge opening up another zone of use and allowing me to run the boat with unlimited visibility when desired, but with the option of going down below to the main pilot station when the weather is inclement.

So here she is, a simple and usable cruiser with many options of configuration but all based on an easy to run and sea-kindly hull. I hope you share my enthusiasm for her.

The Devlin Cruiser 37 is available as a custom build from Devlin Boats. Contact Sam if she appeals to you.


Devlin Cruiser 37 Specifications

Length 37 ft. – 4 in.
Beam 12 ft. – 4 in.
Draft 50 in.
Power Inboard diesel
Displacement 23000 lbs.
Hull Type Displacement

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