The Devlin Chinook 21 is a wonderful little cruiser. Her power is a 18hp Yanmar fresh water cooled diesel engine located at the stern of the boat and cruises burning about 1/2 of a gallon of fuel per hour at 6 knots. She runs smooth and quiet. In fact, at lower than 5 knots speed, you are almost tricked into thinking that she has an electric engine. She has 5 ft 6 in headroom in the pilothouse and a double berth and a nice hidey space for a porta-potti. There is no inside steering station — the controls are on the exterior side of the house so you’ve room to sleep in comfort. Her cockpit is large enough to take along up to 5 or 6 of your friends if you desire and her built-in 20 gallon fuel tank will allow many hours of running.

She also has a small mast that mounts a postage stamp of a steadying sail which helps stabilize her when running in big seas or high winds, but I like it for the capability of setting a cockpit awning that will shade the captain and crew when they need a respite from the sun. With her diesel engine, if desired, you can mount a bus type heater for a little extra comfort. She is very trailerable when you want to relocate her for new adventures.

I never worked up the home-builder plans for this design, but if enough coaxing is done, i.e. priming the old coffer pump, I might be persuaded.  – Sam Devlin

The Chinook 21 is available as study plans or as a custom build from Sam and the team at Devlin Boat.



Chinook 21 Specifications

Length 20 ft. – 9 in.
Beam 7 ft. – 8 in.
Draft 1 ft. 10 in.
Power Inboard 18hp diesel
Displacement 2700 lbs.
Hull Type Displacement

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