Banjo 20 Outboard, Pocket Cruiser

Banjo 20 Study Plans are Here! Study plans include 2 drawings and 5 photos of the completed boat. Click on the photo above to read what Sam wrote when he designed the trailerable pocket cruiser.

Devlin 37 Full-displacement Cruiser for Two!

Sam’s most recent article in Passagemaker Magazine features the Devlin 37. Usually he designs for a customer with a list of requirements. What if he did a design just for himself? The result of doing just that is a 37 foot long full-displacement, fuel-sipping, diesel cruiser with a fantail stern. Click on this box to read more and get links to the article and study plans.

Mud Daubler 22 H.B. – What’s This?

Recently Sam offered study plans for the Honker H.B. 20 - a houseboat placed into an extended and widened Honker. The study plans sales response was amazing. Could we go one better? Introducing the Mud Dauber 22 H.B. based on the Mud Dauber 23 design. The parallel sides of the hull give more of a houseboat feel and the beach landing gear in the bow make her useable for extended beach cruising with all the luxuries of a tiny home on the water!  The Mud Dauber 22 H.B. offers a full-time queen-size berth, enclosed head, galley, dinette for two, wardrobe closet, settee - a true big sister to the wonderful Honker H.B. 20.

Surf Scoter 24 Build Kits are Now Available!

Your choice - the traditional Surf Scoter 24 Cruiser or the Fishing version. What's the difference. Check out the sheer line and the transom and you'll see the differences. The first kit has been completed. Make your choice and order your kit!

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