Banjo 20 Outboard, Pocket Cruiser

Banjo 20 Study Plans are Here! Study plans include 2 drawings and 5 photos of the completed boat. Click on the photo above to read what Sam wrote when he designed the trailerable pocket cruiser.

Bella 12 Build Team!

Grandpa and his two grandsons build the Bella 12. See photos and story in this Small Boats Monthly magazine article. Click on photo above to get to the link to this brand new article.

Blue Fin 54 ‘Lucky Star’ – Built in Russia

It would be hard to find a more sterling example of a customer built Devlin boat. This Blue Fin 54 was built by Temur Rukhaya and his crew in Russia. Temur named her the ‘Lucky Star’. He not only builds a beautiful boat, but he makes great videos as well. Here is...

Boats Afloat Show, Seattle, September 12-15

A quick thank you to all who visited us this last weekend at the Seattle Boats Afloat Show. Please check out our 2 newest offerings in the preloved category right here on our website homepage. We hope to wet your appetite for a return visit to soon as we get ready to launch our newest build of a 26 foot full displacement diesel tug.

Edwin S. Dawson, a Sockeye45, is for sale

Chip Hanauer on the Flipside of Boating

It’s safe to say that Chip Hanauer is one of THE names in unlimited hydroplane racing, which my father called the most dangerous sport on Earth. Bear in mind my dad once owned a Bumblebee Bass boat capable of 110 mph, so what would he know? Chip is an inductee of...

Devlin Licensed Builder Wins Best Boat Award

Heung Jin T&D Co., Ltd. is a fine builder of Devlin Boats in South Korea. They recently won the Best Boat Award for the second year in a row at the Busan Boat Show! Congratulations to Jung Hoi In and his team! Here’s a great video from our licensed boatbuilding...

Driftwood – Black Crown 31 – 1996 – Sold!

What do the Black Crown Sam Devlin designed and built boats Driftwood, Wood Duck and Moonglow all have in common? They have returned to the site of their birth for extensive refreshing and updating of already wonderful, compact, economical, and seaworthy cruisers ideal for 2 to 4 persons. Driftwood will cruise easily at 12 to 18 knots using only 3-5 gallons per hour yet can kick up to 22 knots when you need to make a tidal gate or quickly cross a shipping lane. She is fully equipped and ready to cruise today. Call or email Sam - 360-866-0164,

Island Time 33

The Island Time 33 is Sam's newest design. A shallow draft outboard cruiser for two that Sam introduces in the current issue of PassageMaker Magazine. Available as study plans.

Kingfisher 28

The Kingfisher series of study plans welcomes a new member into the under 30 foot diesel cruiser category.

Oolichan 13

Oolichan 13 is the Northwest Native American name for the Candlefish. Check out this new variation of the Candlefish 13 aimed at a wider, faster, more stable platform for fishing. Study plans and Construction plans available!

Sanddab 6

This lightweight 6 and 1/2 foot dinghy answers a boatowner's request for the most compact 2 person rowing ship to shore boat possible - now available in both study and construction plans.

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