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Black Crown 27 for Sale!

When Sam designed and built this Black Crown 27 the purpose was to create a perfect small cruising boat for a couple. Currently she is located on the Chesapeake. When conceived she needed to be perfect for cruising the Northwest. Her sturdy build works well on both the East and West coasts and she just became available! Click on the photo above to learn more.

Black Crown 30

The Black Crown 30 is the latest in a long line of high quality power cruisers. Conceived for speedy or leisurely travel in comfort. Designed with the classic Devlin style. The best of the past built for the future.

Blue Blazer 25

The Blue Blazer was a design wrestling match for Sam. I recommend that you check out his design notes. I’ll let him describe the happy result below. — Jim   Starting at the stern is a teak swim platform to help board the boat from a harbor taxi and just...

Blue Fin 48

The Blue Fin 48 is an exception to the idea of stuffing as much into a boat as possible. She is intended for allowing a couple or a few friends to really stretch out on an efficient long range power cruiser.

Blue Fin 54

he Blue Fin 54 is an even more spacious version of the Blue Fin 48. Her hallmark is efficiency and smooth, easy running, proven out in practice by a customer built boat. She will take you as far as you want to go in comfort and style.

Chinook 21

The Chinook is wonderful little cruiser, inboard diesel powered and trailerable, with several cabin configurations.

Devlin Chinook 21 cruise diy boat plan

Czarinna 30

The Czarinna 30 is a leisurely cruiser that leans in favor of cabin space and economical range. She displays graceful lines from a golden era of yachting and carries you where you want to go with plenty of room to stretch out, stay warm, and enjoy the ride.

Czarinna 35

The Czarinna 35 shifts the balance in favor of cabin space, comfort, and livability in a graceful long range cruising yacht. A traditional expression of nautical grace with the cruising range to enjoy your travels.

Czarinna 43

The Czarinna 43 is a long range, economical cruiser, carefully planned for comfort to bring the family along for the adventure.

Devlin 37 Full-displacement Cruiser for Two!

Sam’s most recent article in Passagemaker Magazine features the Devlin 37. Usually he designs for a customer with a list of requirements. What if he did a design just for himself? The result of doing just that is a 37 foot long full-displacement, fuel-sipping, diesel cruiser with a fantail stern. Click on this box to read more and get links to the article and study plans.

Dipper 17

The Dipper 17 was designed for the fisherman and pleasure cruiser that wants to get in and out of the weather and for the diehards that want to be out no matter what the weather.

Dipper 19

Originally designed to fit in a 20' shipping container, the Dipper 19 is roomy inside, making for a comfortable, economical cruiser.

Dunlin 22 Cruiser

The Dunlin 22 has the soul of a workboat and the comfort of a classic Devlin design. Cruise the waters or tow something inordinately large, in one of two configurations.

Dynamo Too 38

The Dynamo Too is a concept design from Sam Devlin that hides a luxurious cruiser in the clothes of a traditional working boat. Plus you can catch a whole lot of fish!

Dynamo Too 45

Dynamo Too 45 study plans include 4 pages showing both a motorsailer and powerboat version of this ocean going cruiser, inspired by the designs of the late Bill Garden.

Electric Philosophy 40 Study Plans Are Now Available!

Ed and Eileen Pauley had a dream. In the words of Eileen  “Every boat has a mission. And you need to pick the right boat for how you want to travel. And for us, if we’re going to live on it, it’s going to do what we want it to do and be comfortable.” And as Ed points out regarding the propulsion system, “What do we have to do to start? No warm up…We just go.” Study plans are now available for the Electric Philosophy 40 catamaran cruiser!

Electric Philosophy in Soundings Magazine 2024!

When we completed the build of Ed and Eileen Pauley's perfect all electric boat we could only dream of what awaited her in her travels. Now the Pauley's have been to Alaska and back on just the solar power provided by their roof panels. Journey through the build and travels with them in the February 2024 issue of Soundings Magazine. Click on the photo above for the link to the Soundings Magazine article..

Godzilla 25

The Godzilla 25 is still a mini-tug, but it's a bigger mini tug, if that makes any kind of sense. More power, more space, and more comfort in case you want to do more than just tug things.

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