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TugZilla 26 Is Launched in Olympia!

Devlin Boat's towing fleet started with a Godzilli 16 and then a Godzilla 22 followed by a Godzilla 25 and now the TugZilla 26. To celebrate the launch of TugZilla we are offering all our downloadable Tug Construction Plans at 30% off!!!

Whimbrel 32

The Whimbrel 32 is a custom commissioned schooner, built for extended and graceful cruising on the waters of the Northwest.

Wompus Cat 19

The Devlin Wompus Cat 19 is probably the simplest boat to enjoy an afternoon of sailing, either alone or with friends.

Zephyr 14

The Zephyr was designed as a delightful daysailer inspired by 1870-designed Melonseeds and Seaford Skiffs of the New Jersey and New York coast. These boats were used as rowing and sailing-hunting boats.

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