Lingcod 27

The Lingcod 27 is a perfect base for everything from a working utility skiff to a small houseboat.

Little Cod 21

The Little Cod 21 is a larger version of the Cackler design, and offers a stable, high volume base for a variety of boat styles.

Millie Hill 20

The Millie Hill 20 is the clever marriage of tiny house and houseboat. It's an ideal solution to an economical getaway on the water.

Millie Hill 28

The Millie Hill 28 is a houseboat, a shanty boat. It's designed to maximize living space like a stationary houseboat, but with the addition of an outboard motor, it is fully capable of moving from place to place. To be fair though, the cool boat kids would just go ahead and build a matching tug to tow her around and impress the ladies.

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