People love the Candlefish design and Sam has received various requests for modifying it to fit their own dream version of the boat. One such request recently resonated with Sam and he now offers the Candlefish 16 – Casting Deck. A small foredeck and some generous sidedecks complement the raised fishing platform that covers the forward half of the boat and that helps the casting fisherman to do his work. Underneath his feet is a large compartment for all kinds of fishing equipment and boat supplies. Aft is a lower deck and transom seat for the captain. This is truly a fisherman’s dream in an easily Trailerable package. We now offer full construction plans so the homebuilder can engage all the family members who love fishing to pitch in and get her built.

length    16 ft. – 0.25 in.      4.94 m        beam     6 ft. 10 in.     2.08 m           draft    7.5 in.        190 mm

Study plans and full construction plans offered here.

Information on the original Candlefish 16 is here.

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