The new bundle offering is for getting both the Candlefish 16 and the Candlefish 16 Casting Deck downloadable construction plans together for a savings of $37.50 !   Normally the plans are $75 each for a $150 total for both.

The Candlefish 16 is a burdensome fishing skiff. Deep and seaworthy, it is wonderfully suited to life in our changeable weather and strong tides. Deep enough to keep her occupants dry and light enough to launch off the beach, she’s perfect with 10 to 30 hp.

The Casting Deck version of the Candlefish 16 has a small foredeck and generous sidedecks to complement the raised fishing platform that covers the forward half of the boat and that helps the casting fisherman to do his work. Underneath his feet is a large compartment for all kinds of fishing equipment and boat supplies.

Both versions are great for getting to your fishing grounds quickly if need be and enjoyable to relax in while you wait for the fish to bite.

We offer both imperial and metric versions. (The casting deck plans that are in both packages are in dual mode – metric/imperial).

Bundle Package 4.2 (metric) here.

Bundle Package 4.1 (imperial) here.

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