Some people love to fish. It’s a great pastime and a wonderful way to spend time on the water.  As for me, I do quite a bit of fishing myself, except I spend my time trolling for customers.  It is more than a little mystery to me what new type of boat will come into fashion in this sometimes crazy world.  Even in my own life it occasionally feels a bit like being inside a tornado, and even I get a little confused as to what type of boat would suit me best.

Here is our little Bullfrog 20 and she would be a great boat to spend some time on fishing, pottering about on the water, and you could even do a bit of an extended cruise in her, something like a quick trip up into Canada or even all the way to Southeast Alaska.

Running out over the bar at the coast for a day’s fishing would be one of the major uses of the little Bullfrog 20 and when you’re musing over the her potential, imagine her about 4 ft. longer. Now that would be a really neat dream. – Sam Devlin

The Bullfrog 20 is available in study plans. Talk to Sam if you would like to see her developed into full construction plans.


Bullfrog 20 Specifications

Length20 ft. – 3 in.
Beam8 ft. – 5 in.
Draft20 in.
PowerOutboard 90-115hp
Displacement3600 lbs.

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