Meet the Banjo 20 when you purchase the study plans which include two drawings and 5 photographs of the finished boat.

This small but capable boat can get into or out of the moorage with little stress, and she can be used for anything from an evening cocktail cruise to occasional overnights. An outboard provides quiet and smooth power — a top end of 30 mph with a 115-hp engine or an economical 15- to 18-mph cruise with a 60. With modern outboards, the entire engine and mounting bracket are out of the water when locked in the tilted position, reducing maintenance.

The small pilothouse is not completely enclosed, but it does keep the captain and crew out of the elements. The top-hinged front window and side windows open to create a “porch” area at the steering station, with security and comfort.  The cozy cabin is forward with a small but functional galley up in the bow, a pair of berths to port and starboard, and a heater on the galley bulkhead forward. The “throne” rests in a place of honor, concealed by seating. The Banjo 20 is functional, stable and safe in normal conditions — a lot of bang for the buck, if you ask me. I built myself a small launch a couple of years ago, similar to the Banjo 20 but without the accommodations. Though I like her and use her often, I sometimes wish I could throw the anchor over the side and lie down for a nap. Some of my friends call my launch a “grandpa boat,” and that’s not an inaccurate description, as one of my uses for her is to take my granddaughter out during summer visits. I understand the desire to be on the water without the fuss of a larger boat. Of course, this couple could go even smaller, but I think the Banjo 20 is pretty close to the perfect “bridge” between a serious, large cruising boat and something that is small enough to enjoy on a whim.

Length on Deck  20′-1″        Beam  7′-10″       Draft     18″      Displacement   3400 lbs.

(The above excerpt is from the April 2017 issue of Soundings Magazine)


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