Sam has several resources available on our Resources page for the home boatbuilder.  One of the best of those resources is Sam’s Wholesale Buying Club.  Also, no fee is charged when you go to the resources page and scroll down to just above the bottom of the page on the left side of the screen and click on the video “Wooden Boatbuilding with Sam Devlin”.  You can watch it on a full screen and receive clear and simple instructions on stitch and glue building as Sam creates in the 45 minute video a Polliwog 8, big enough for 2 adults and small enough to cartop at 56 lbs.

You may also benefit from following us on Facebook!  We’ve been featuring a photo a day documenting work at the shop.  Right now we’re focusing on a step by step photo essay of our current build of the first Goose Lodge 22, an outboard powered open-bowed runabout.  Occasionally you’ll find photos there of Sam and Soitza and the crew at work. As pet lovers Sam and Soitza have two pals, Lucky the cat and Oso the dog.  You may find them on our Facebook presence in a photo showing the duo hard at work in an intense discussion of improved production ideas!

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